Inquilinos Unidos (United Tenants) outreaches and works to identify, train, and organize tenant leaders to build sustainable groups in buildings with severe habitability violations. Because IU maintains an active presence in the community it has established many strong ties throughout the years, giving the organization an incredibly wide reach.

Some interesting facts about the constituents we serve:

  • Average rents in the City of Los Angeles increased 30% in the last 20 years while tenant incomes decreased 6%.
  • Access to affordable housing is especially hard for the low-income communities IU serves—the average income for a family in Pico-Union is $26,830, for example, while the average income needed to afford a 2 bedroom in Los Angeles is $68,640 a year.
  • Among the very poorest households, 77.8%% are paying more than half their incomes for rent, leaving very little for all other necessities, such as food, transportation and health care.
  • On average, IU assists 15-20 individuals daily that walk-in or call our office through education and advice on housing issues.
  • On average, 20 tenants are served through IU’s free weekly Tenant Resource Clinic. Families come in seeking assistance with housing safety and code violations, evictions, unlawful rent increases, and rent control issues.