IU Tenant Resource Clinics

IU provides Tenant Resource Clinics on Mondays from 4:00 to 6:00 pm at our offices to the general public. The Clinic provides assistance with any housing issues including pest infestations, toxic hazards, lack of repairs, illegal evictions, and unlawful rent increases. Our organizers and volunteer attorneys are available during clinic hours to assist with legal issues regarding landlord-tenant disputes.

For more information about the Clinic, please contact us at (213) 483-7497.

Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP)

REAP was established by the Los Angeles City Council (Ordinance #178.810) to encourage the maintenance and repair of residential buildings.

REAP is part of the Code Enforcement section of the Los Angeles Housing and Community Investment Department (HCIDLA) and targets negligent landlords who are in violation of housing code regulations. Once a property has been placed into REAP, tenants may receive a rent reduction and are given the option to pay the reduced portion into a separate escrow account that is administered by the HCIDLA until the owner of the property complies. Funds that have been transferred into this account can also be used to pay for the much needed repairs.

IU provides outreach services, technical assistance, and educates tenants on the benefits of REAP and works with property owners to ensure compliance. IU organizes tenants in REAP buildings where there are instances of intimidation or retaliation against those wishing to participate in the program. IU also works closely with housing inspectors to assist during the repair process.

To find out how you may qualify for this program, please contact us at info@inquilinosunidos.org or call (213) 483-7497.

Community Empowerment Trainings 

We provide educational trainings and workshops on health and habitability, tenant rights, rent control, local, state and fair housing law, and conflict resolution that altogether facilitate positive group interaction and collaboration as well as public awareness and education.

To arrange for a workshop at your local school, church, organization or community center contact us at info@inquilinosunidos.org or call (213) 483-7497.

Tenant Organizing Committee (TOC)

The TOC consist of organized associations or groups of tenants who reside in the same building or neighborhood who are committed to ongoing leadership development and activism to fight against slum housing and address community concerns around gentrification and the lack of affordable housing in low-income communities.

For more information about TOC, contact us at info@inquilinosunidos.org or call (213) 483-7497.

Lead Paint Hazards Outreach and Education Program (LHRP)

LHRP  provides door-to-door outreach and education to tenants and property owners on the hazards of lead-based paint, lead poisoning prevention, and lead-safe work practices, and refer eligible buildings to the City of Los Angeles’ Lead Hazard Remediation Program.

LHRP aims to reduce the dangers caused by lead-based paint and protect children from lead poisoning by providing funding to remove lead-based paint hazards in units built before 1978.

If you are interested in learning more about LHRP, please contact us at info@inquilinosunidos.org or call (213) 483-7497.