Inquilinos Unidos has a skilled and dedicated staff whose job it is to identify, train, and unite tenant leaders to: build sustainable groups and mount organizing campaigns in slum buildings with severe habitability violations, oppose unfair and exploitative rental housing practices, and advocate for the preservation and expansion of affordable housing and rent control.

All IU staff is bilingual and well versed in tenant’s rights, current housing policy, local ordinances and regulations. IU organizers have an intimate knowledge of the communities they serve with particular expertise in the breaking down of cultural and language barriers within the Spanish-speaking community.

 Luis R. Cabrales

Executive Director
(213) 483-7497 Ext 208

Luis R. Cabrales is the Executive Director of Inquilinos Unidos. A Mexican immigrant from Durango, Mexico, Luis is a passionate social justice advocate with 20 years of professional experience organizing and managing social justice advocacy programs.

In 1997, Luis coordinated the first program in the US to increase organ and tissue donation among Latinos and other communities of color. From 2000 to 2011, Luis mobilized thousands of Latino voters, and coordinated campaigns that resulted in bans of chemicals used by workers in low paying jobs, such as janitorial, home cleaning, dry cleaners and car washes. In 2011, he was recognized by the Obama administration as a “Champion of Change” for his work reducing air pollution from communities of color.

Luis graduated Bachelor Cum Laude in Cultural Anthropology from CSU Los Angeles and certificate in Youth Agency Administration from Humanics University at CSU Los Angeles. He is co-founder and advisory board member of the Fremont High School Alumni Foundation, a non-profit organization helping under served students in South Los Angeles.

 Faviola Pablo

Faviola Pablo, <br>Healthy Homes Education and OutreachHealthy Homes Education and Outreach
(213) 483-7497 Ext. 203

Faviola is in charge of outreach and enrollment for the Lead Paint Hazard Outreach and Education Program (LHRP). She is responsible for educating, referring, and enrolling individuals living in lead contaminated buildings into the program for abatement. She works to outreach and educate tenants and property owners on the hazards of lead-based paint, childhood lead poisoning and prevention, and lead safe work practices. Faviola also promotes the testing of child blood lead levels. In addition to door-to-door outreach, she organizes buildings and block meetings involving tenants, community leaders and the public.

Faviola holds a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology from University of California, Riverside and has experience working with day laborers at the Pomona Economic Opportunity Center and National Day Laborers Organizing Network. She has also worked with United Food and Commercial Workers Union Local 1167.

Victor Amaya

REAP Education and Outreach
(213) 483-7497 Ext. 205

Victor Amaya is a Tenant Organizer at Inquilinos Unidos. Victor is a lifelong life advocate for social justice and human rights. Prior to joining Inquilinos Unidos, Victor worked as an Outreach Assistant Coordinator at the Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice where he worked on the Rent Escrow Account Program (REAP) and the Utility Maintenance Program (UMP). While working with REAP and UMP, he educated hundreds of families throughout the Los Angeles City about housing rights, and assisted countless residents to receive habitable housing conditions. He has been recognized for his compassionate work by the Los Angeles Housing + Community Investment Department, and is excited to continue to serve his community with Inquilinos Unidos.

Gema Corrales Ruiz

Tenant Outreach Assistant
(213) 483-7497 Ext. 201

Gema Corrales Ruiz is a Cuban immigrant, currently residing in the City of Los Angeles. Corrales Ruiz received her BFA from California College of the Arts (CCA) where she studied Painting. As an immigrant, Ruiz is highly motivated to use her knowledge and artistic know how to help disadvantaged communities. During Ruiz’s time at CCA, she was involved in union strikes for the benefit of adjunct professors as well as many other functions to help the communities of color at the school. Through Los Angeles Public Allies, Ruiz will be supporting tenant outreach and education at Inquilinos Unidos.